ICT in Scottish Education

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The recording from the Summit is now available on the Education Scotland website.


How to join the Education ICT Summit Online


There are lots of ways that you can join in online...



  • Contribute via twitter (use the tag #EduScotICT). See who else is using the same tag by using a service like tweetdeck search or twazzup.



  • Email your thoughts and questions to olliebray1eduscot@blogger.com - they will appear in almost real time on www.eduscotict.blogspot.com (make sure you add your name if you want to be referenced). Add comments to any posts. This feature is now turned off - and was not very popular anyway!


  • Do your own thing. Skype with others, start a Google+ Hang Out, go around to a friends house and watch the live stream with a pal…


It really is up to you…










Welcome to a space on the Internet where we will discuss the future of ICT, Glow and Technologies for Learning in Scottish Education.


Objective 1
Change the culture

of use of ICT 

Objective 2

Improve confidence in the
use of ICT for learners, teachers,
school leaders and parents

Objective 3

Promote new behaviours
for teaching 

Objective 4

Deepen parental

Objective 5

Strengthen position on
hardware and associated



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This wiki doesn’t have any rules but you might find this information interesting:


1) This is your place - please feel free to edit, comment, add pages and link to things.


2) We have purposefully picked a wiki for this on-line space to make all of the above easy to do. A wiki is a website that anyone can edit. More information on wikis here.


3) Please be polite and professional - we hope young people will become involved in the conversation. Try to avoid jargon; it can easily alienate people. We hope that you will encourage young people and your colleagues to get as involved as soon as possible.


4) You will need to register. It would be great if you used your own name but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. The only reason we ask you to register is to cut down on spam posts.


5) The Scottish Government and Education Scotland don’t own this space. We have purposefully picked a 3rd party wiki solution that is outside of Glow.  Anyone is welcome to get involved in the conversation.


6) As this wiki belongs to everyone you are invited to help maintain and help shape it. You also might have a suggestion of how it can be improved - feel free to add your suggestion to the suggestions list.



Why have we set this wiki up?


Mr Russell, MSP - Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning made the following announcement on YouTube on the 8th September 2011.


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As part of the proposed work in this area the Cabinet Secretary has set five objectives.


These objectives are:


1) To change the culture of the use of ICT


2) To improve confidence in the use of ICT for learners, teachers, school leaders and parents


3) To promote new behaviours for teaching


4) To deepen parental engagement


5) To strengthen position on hardware and associated infrastructure


We have set up a separate pages where each of these objectives can be discussed in more detail. You might also be able to suggest ways that these objectives can be implemented.